Hey guys, so today I though I would give an overview of what NetData  is and how I utilise it for real-time statistics collection of my Linux  based devices in in my home network/lab.

What is NetData?

NetData is a real-time statistics and health monitoring solution  which allows many different areas of your device to be monitored for  data and also health. A benefit of this data collection is the ability  for each statistic to be referenced via the dashboard.js script. This  script can be used to visualise the data which NetData collects and  output it in a custom html based web page. You may want to do this due  to the default dashboard showing every metric that is collected in one  view.


The following screenshot is the default page which has all the raw data viewable.

This view can be pretty hectic so I wanted to create something more  precise and straight to the information I wanted to see. So I used  bootstrap to create the below!

NetData Integrations

NetData can tie in with software which is installed on the host (see this infographic for a rundown of supported software) as you can see in the above screenshot.

An example of this in use is the ability to see how many current session are active on my NGINX reverse proxy.

This data is being gathered by the NGINX “web_log_nginx.response_statuses” integration. Pretty cool!

As well as this you can also monitor separate docker container metrics such as CPU!

Disk Monitoring

NetData can also tie in with storage data statistics such as free/used space per drive or in my case a mounted volume via fstab.

If you would like to take a look at how i created this dashboard see the file below.

Dashboard Files

VirusTotal Scan

Thanks guys! Any questions leave a comment!