Hey All,
With the new update to Auto Attendants and Call Queues (v2)  we now have the additional requirements for “Resource Accounts”. In this  case these accounts are being used to enable an Auto Attendant to have a  service number.


When trying to assign a service number which has been requested from  Microsoft the error “We can’t load this resource account” is shown even  after all the resource accounts pre requisites have been met.

As an attempt to fix this issue I tried to apply the service number  via PowerShell. This did allow the Auto Attendant to be utilised but  this caused call routing issues when trying to route an incoming PSTN  call from the Auto Attendant to a subsequent Call Queue. Agents were not  being alerted of an incoming call, this would then cause the call to  time out due to no agent accepting the call.


When a resource accounts is created for Teams a disabled user object  is created in Azure Active Directory. To flag the object as a resource  account the “Department” field should have “Microsoft Communication  Application Instance” entered (see below). The issue above was caused by  this field not having this information entered.

MSOnline V1 PowerShell module for Azure Active Directory
Set-MsolUser -ObjectId *ID* -Department "Microsoft Communication Application Instance"

Azure Active Directory PowerShell V2 module
Set-AzureADUser -ObjectId *ID* -Department "Microsoft Communication Application Instance"

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